The first Powerlifting and Functional Training Club in Milan

Goodlift Milano, a gym in the new neighborhood Nolo in Milan.

The gym Goodlift Milano is situated in Via Rovereto 10, not far away from Viale Monza. Goodlift Milano is a gym born from a long research for an optimum location, in which training is the only importance. No machines, no televisions, no bars nor spas where someone can relax. Our goal is to direct each member to reach their own proper goals, through the use of two types of training Powerlifting and Functional Training.

The open space of the gym is in fact divided into two macro areas dedicated exclusively to these two divere types of training. Each Functional Training lesson is held by Niccolò Degiovanni, a national and international level athlete in the Powerlifting sector, nevertheless is a personal trainer since 2011 operating in diverse gym in Milan.

The area dedicated to Powerlifting is equiped with the best equipments on the market, with professional racks for competitions, and olimpic bumpers and barbells.

Goodlift Milano wants to be everyones reference: from competitive athletes, to who trains to stay healthy, through a singular common characterisitc: giving the best each day!


What is powerlifting?

Goodlift Milano wants to be a point of reference for Powerlifting in Milano, for competitive athletes and whoever wants to get the nearest possible to this discipline, for the first time. Powerlifting is a discipline in which the athlete is engaged in lifting the maximum amount of weight in three fundamental exercises:

  • squat
  • bench
  • deadlift

The training has as objectives the one to augment the maximum potential force of these movements, hence a transfer on a structural and hypertrophic level.

Functional Training

What is functional training?

Functional Training is a high intensity training which is composed of various functional exercises intertwined between them. Functional Training of Goodlift Milano distinguishes itself from other types of funcional training for the choice of exercises and the method surrounding them. The five typology’s of intertwined exercises are the following:

  • medball training
  • kettlebell training
  • suspension training
  • dumbbells training
  • bodyweight training

Force, resistence, coordination, velocity are a few of the aspects trained during Functional Training lessons which is executed in high intensity, one hour duration classes.

The Funcional Training that Goodlift Milano performs, differentiates itself for the typology of exercises. It is carried out in a dedicated area, covered in sinthetic grass to offer the maximum comfort in the execution of the exercise. In groups of maximum 12 people, so that the instructor can follow carefully each participant in the exection of the movements, and eventually correct them.

Timetables / Subscriptions

  • The gym is open on monday, wednesday and friday, from 7AM to 10PM, on tuesday and thursday from 9AM to 10PM, and saturday from 10AM to 5PM.

    Every other non-written time are either open or personal trainer.

    Schedule for Functional Training sessions:
    Mon - Wed - Fri Tue - Thu Sat
    7:00 - 8:00
    13:00 - 14:00
    18:00 - 19:00
    19:00 - 20:00
    20:00 - 21:00
    13:00 - 14:00 11:00 - 12:00
  • For any information on the subscriptions visit us or text us.

    Annual registration fee: 40€.

      3 Mon 6 Mon 12 Mon
    OPEN 270€ 460€ 750€

    Hexagon classes

    Core training, Mobility, Kettlebells, Stretching, Bodyweight are parte of the program offered by the professionals of the Hexagon team. The objetive is to allow to each participant an improvement at 360°, throughout the development of different motor schemes. For an adequate insertion into the program, the hexagon technicians are available for a free anamnesis for the participants.

    Hexagon classes
      Tue Thu
    18.30 - 19.00 Core Training Core Training
    19.00 - 19.30 Kettlebell Street Training
    19.30 - 20.15 Flex & Mobility Flex & Mobility

Personal Area


What they say about us

  • Trained here while visiting Milan. Immediately felt welcome when buying a 2-day pass. The gym has good equipment (calibrated plates and Ohio power bar and combo racks). The people are very nice. It doesn’t have many machines, but that doesn’t matter since there are plenty of variations to do instead. Strongly recommend.

    Author image
  • Bene, questa palestra mi piace!!!!! 💪

    Author image
    Marco Local Guide
  • Palestra stupenda, molto pulita, perfettamente attrezzata con un occhio di riguardo al Powerlifting, grazie alla presenza dei dischi calibrati da competizione, ed al functional training. Nico, il proprietario è simpaticissimo e super disponibile.

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  • Istruttore preparato ed entusiasta. Palestra molto pulita e ben tenuta.

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  • Palestra ben organizzata e personal trainer davvero molto molto disponibili e gentili

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Where are we situated?

via Rovereto 10, 20127


Tel: 02 67490168